• Christmas In July

    Duffy’s annual Christmas in July Week is upon us!! We’re offering up Duffy’s gift certificates at a whopping 50% off from Tuesday, July 10th-Sunday, July 15th!! The only stipulations for this incredible deal are as the follows:
    1.) Gift certificates must be paid for with CASH ONLY. Credit cards, personal, business, or travelers checks will not be acceptable forms of payment.
    2.) There is a $200 per day face value cap($100 in actual spending) on individual gift certificate sales. However, you can always come back another day during the week if you’d like to purchase more gift certificates.
    3.) Gift certificates sold in $25 denominations only
    4.) Customer cannot use gift certificates on the same day they are purchased.
    5.) This promotion will run until Sunday, July 15th OR until we sell out of our allotted gift certificates. This means that this promotion may get cut short before July 10th, in which case, we will notify everyone via social media.

    This is the time to purchase gift certificates, especially if you need them for upcoming donations or as raffle prizes. It’s our way of giving back to the community that supports us!
    That’s it! Take advantage of this outstanding deal and Merry (early)Christmas from Duffy’s!!