• It’s Lent and We’ve Got You Covered!

    For all of you “good practicing” Catholics out there, stop by Duffy’s on Fridays for your Lent fix. All of our seafood is of the highest caliber and always fresh! Here are some recommendations:

    Pan-Blackened Ahi Tuna
    Baked Salmon marinated in olive oil and rosemary
    Broiled Sole with steamed spinach and hollandaise
    Smithwick’s Battered Fish ’n Chips
    Blackened Sea Scallops
    Hot Lobster Roll
    Shrimp Ceviche
    Chipotle Salmon
    Flounder Piccata
    Broiled Seafood Combo
    Crispy Calamari
    Any Fish “Irish Style”
    Shrimp Mediterranean
    Lobster Grilled Cheese
    Lobster Quesadilla

    And for those who prefer something other than fish, there’s:

    Roasted Asparagus Stuffed Ravioli
    Southwest Garden Burger Wrap
    Grilled Portabella Sandwich
    Providence Salad
    Irish Potato Skins
    Baked Stuffed Clams
    Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
    Fried Mozzarella